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Crisis Response

Crisis response is one of the key components of OHRA's mission of championing dignity and compassion for those harmed by crime and crisis. OHRA provides disaster relief to victims of crime, victims of mass casualties, or survivors of natural disasters in the form of of crisis response. We assist victims and survivors to understand and normalize their reactions to increasingly abnormal situations and allow them to begin their physical and emotional recovery. Trauma has common reactions but the cause of trauma, from wide-area natural disasters to multiple victim violence, have different layers and dimensions. There are organizations that focus on crime victim advocacy and other that deals with disaster relief. OHRA is unique in that it incorporates extensive skill experience in training a vast network of responders in a brad range of needs that stem from criminal, man-made and natural crisis victimization. Our ministry extends across the United States and worldwide and is dedicated in helping those who need us most. We aim to meet the needs within our communities; that's why we create programs designed to reach those who need our help. These programs not only assist individuals, veterans, and families but provide them with the tools to become successful for the rest of their life.

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