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Hunger Relief

Offering Hope in the Face of Uncertainty

Food Pantry

In this era of COVID-19, many seniors, individuals, or families have hit hard times. One package of food supplies can make a difference. Listen to what families are saying: "I just need help right now," or "we have never needed help before, but have nowhere else to go." We welcome groups or individuals who would like to donate to a food pantry.

Now, Orpe Human Rights Advocates and its partners are coming together in a joint effort to support communities that have been and continue to be affected by COVID-19 novel pandemic. For many American families, quarantine has resulted in lost of wages, difficulty accessing food, and an increased reliance on food banks.  Across the U.S. Orpe Human Rights Advocates is donating products for distribution through the Feeding America network of 200 food banks. Donations include toilet paper, paper towels, face masks, and personal care kits containing other everyday essential products and are given to families who need them the most.

To help communities in need,  Orpe Human Rights Advocates has also launched a COVID-19 Response Fund. The donations go directly toward creating and distributing staged food boxes in the most vulnerable areas of the country, as well as providing emergency relief to food banks to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve.

As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Orpe Human Rights Advocates has been supplying face masks and related products like ear savers and others to the hospitals, homeless, and shelters. We've been supplying face masks for nurses and surgical masks to the University of Maryland Medical Center located at Glen Burnie. We've also been providing face masks for children at John Hopkin Hospital, Howard General Hospital.  

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