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Empowering Communities!  Ending Poverty

Your Gift will  be Used to Restore Dignity to Homeless,  Veterans, Children & Distressed Families.

When you give to Orpe Human Rights Advocates, not only you give hope to homeless, at risk-homelessness, children, distressed families, and veterans; but also, you give them a second chance of moving their lives from where they are today to where they will be tomorrow! You give them a chance of changing their lives from the status of insufficient income to the status of self-sufficient income.

Building a Legacy of Faith

Your gift will be matched with the cause you indicated. Programs are interconnected furthering for a unique purpose: alleviating poverty in the United States.








As 501(C)(3) charity orpganization, we hold ourselves to high standards and use client feedback to ensure we are held accountable to our communities. At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we are a team worker and expected to employ a team of more than 2000 experts and professionals. We expect to provide high-level resources to those who need them. Our staff comprises of a vast array of administrators, caregivers, case managers, social workers, clinicians, housing experts, leaders, and psychologists and will be operating throughout the region.

Not yet convinced, please click here to listen the stories!  Let us know if you have questions on the ways you can help?​

You are at the heart of our works. We help restore and rebuild the lives of homelessness, veterans, at risk-homelessness, distressed families, children, and individuals in your community. You can help rebuild a better future and create a thriving, vibrant community by making a donation to Orpe Human Rights Advocates.

Did You Know? The Care Act Encourages Charitable Giving

The federal government’s coronavirus response legislation, known as the CARES Act, includes multiple provisions offering individuals and corporations significant incentives for charitable giving in 2020. View the transcript here.

Why donate to Orpe Human Rights Advocates?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us at

You can be confident that we make the most of every single dollar that is contributed; we’ve received high ratings from charity evaluators.

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By donating $10 today, you can provide shelter to homeless, and refugees fleeing persecutions from their home countries.

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Your contributions are vital to the Orpe Human Rights Advocates' ongoing work around the world. Your generous support will benefit the Orpe Human Rights Advocates' programs and operations. By providing your mobile phone number, you agree that Orpe Human Rights Advocates and its staff may contact you by mobile phone call and text message regarding its programs, events, and membership.

How Your Gif will be Used:

75.4% Programs
19.6% General & Management
5.0% Fundraising

Note: Donations are 100% secure and tax deductible

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