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Eviction Prevention

Providing Case Management Services to Residents who are experiencing a court ordered eviction.

In most cases, evicted families or individuals end up at becoming homeless if they do not receive adequate support. It is widely accepted that eviction is challenging. And every eviction costs money to the resident as well as our entire community. A new study reveals that households with children face a higher risk of eviction than households without children. The study drew data from court records of all evictions taking place in Maryland. That's why Orpe Human Rights Advocates pretends acting in providing case management services to Maryland residents.  This model advocates for collaborative method of bringing solution expected of preventing families from being evicted. 

We will be working with the community partners and local agencies to prevent eviction. We know that when residents lose their homes, no one wines. We also know that evictions result in losses for both owners and renters. Our goal is to change this outcome. We will be suggesting an eviction prevention program based on a win-win collaborative solutions. 

Orpe Human Rights Advocates' Eviction Prevention Three Main Goals:

  1. Reduce the number of evictions

  2. Prevent the cascading negative effects of evictions

  3. Improve housing stability

How Suggested Model will be Working

This model is similar to this established by the 61th District Court of Kent County Michigan. The model has proved to be effective. Drawing on 61th District Court model, we will be suggesting a model that will be working in the following way:

  • A dedicated Orpe Human Rights Advocates' caseworker will advocate and help tenant access the State Emergency Relief (SEF) Funds and other funds to pay back rents

  • The propriety owner and tenant sign an agreement, called a "Stipulation."

  • If the tenant can access SEF or other funds, OHRA uses those funds to pay the landlord the back rent

  • Tenant stays in their homes, because of the "stipulation" was fulfilled, the tenant's credit rating isn't affected.

Merit of the Model


The above stated model presents two advantages:

  1. For tenants who would like to purchase a house or rent another apartment would not be affected.

  2. For tenants whose incomes don't permit to satisfy the monthly rent payment, they will be taken in charge by enrolling in the self-sufficient income program administrated by Orpe Human Rights Advocates.

The merit of OHRA self-sufficient income program is to avoid families under the status of insufficient income fall under in the infernal circle of homelessness. OHRA self-sufficient income would empower tenant under insufficient income status move their income status forward and drive them in the road of becoming economically self-sufficient.

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