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  Housing Services

Homeless Resource Center: a stable transitional living environment with individual case management and programs that are designed to help move families, individuals, and veterans in the state of homelessness into employment and independent housing.



At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we work with local communities and national service organizations to provide comprehensive assistance for homeless families, individuals, and veterans in our communities. One area of assistance we proudly provide is family housing, and veteran housing. Learn how the Orpe Homeless Resource Center can help you or a loved one, and find out how you can donate today to help end family homelessness, and veteran homelessness in your area.


Our support for homeless, and veterans comes in a variety of ways. First, we offer comprehensive homeless relief and veteran services throughout Maryland to assist homeless, and veterans with a range of housing, mental health, and employment programs. We're going to work on the availability of housing units throughout Maryland and surrounding areas in favor of homeless, and veterans in the state of homelessness to receive the assistance they need.

Each homeless individual, family, or veteran has a unique housing situation, so our services need to reflect the diverse needs in our area. Here are just a few ways our homeless services help match homeless families or veterans homeless with housing solutions:

  • Rapid rehousing

  • Homeless prevention services

  • Permanent supportive housing

  • Emergency housing

  • Assistance in regard to house loans for veterans

Each service was designed with local homeless families and veterans homeless needs in mind. If individuals are experiencing mental health issues that may have caused them to become homeless, we match those individuals with trained and experienced mental health professionals who are experienced with veteran needs.

Housing assistance comes in many forms, depending on individual needs. Some veterans can purchase or improve their home with a generous VA housing loan. Others require emergency housing and a supportive housing team.

Donation Options

Orpe Human Rights Advocates offer a range of donation options to help support your local community. Whether you wish to donate to support the entire organization or to make a specific donation to the veterans housing program, or homeless family housing program, here are some easy ways you can donate today:

  • In-kind donations

  • One-time online gifts

  • Monthly auto donations

  • Car donation or auto auction

  • Volunteer

Whether you make a single donation or become a lifelong partner with us, any assistance is greatly appreciated. Your time and/or donations allow us to continue to provide comprehensive housing services to veterans and homeless families throughout Maryland and surrounding areas.

Join Us Today

Whether you wish to donate, volunteer or you need to access our housing services for yourself or a loved one, contact us today. Our homeless family and veteran housing services offer hope and safe housing throughout your local community, and your generous assistance can help us reach our goal of ending homelessness among our veterans.

Our veteran housing programs offer a path for veterans to end homelessness using cutting-edge techniques for this unique population such as intensive case management, clinical treatment, and peer support.

Join Us Now
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