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A safe, temporary refuge for homeless individuals and families

A warm bed, a hot meal and clothing. It sounds so simple, but for many, it's not. Meeting these basic needs can make a lasting difference for the veterans, men, and women who come to us for shelter. Providing emergency shelter services allows our clients to focus on gainful employment and stable housing, ultimately putting an end to their homelessness. Through supportive services and referrals to community resources, we can help rebuild a foundation for people who thought they were beyond reach.

Project of a Shelter for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with SUD and their Infants 

We are working on a project of shelter expected to offer 24 Rooms and 24 beds to qualified homeless  women with SUD and their infants. Our goal is providing treatment  and helping them achieve stable housing. Services is expected to include life skills building classes, self-sufficient income program, budgeting, chemical dependency services and referrals and employment services.

Shelter for Women and families

We have a project of promoting 32 beds shelter and services for homeless women include emergency housing, hot meals, clothing, case management, nursing clinic and referrals to community resources.

Shelter for Men

We plan to run a twelve beds shelter to help homeless men obtain stable housing and employment with services including case management and referrals to community resources. Contact information for all programs and services can be found in our Program Directory. 

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