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Health Care

Your Health Care - All in One Location
Health Care for Uninsured - Homeless, Refugees, Veterans, Low Income

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At Orpe Human Rights Advocate Health Care, we believe everyone deserve great health care - because everyone's health matters.

Everyone is Welcome

Homeless, veterans, new to the community or new to the country, baby or baby boomer, we provide compassionate, state -of- art health care to all.

Insured and Uninsured Alike

We accept most insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid, and have

sliding fee scale if you are without insurance.

Your Health Care, All in One Location
In addition to infectious disease care,
our services include:

Our Infectious Disease Care services include:

  • Primary Medical Care

  • Behavioral Health Care ( therapy, support groups, substance abuse services 

  • Medication education & adherence support

  • Pharmacy service

  • On-going case management

Our Case Managers and Outreach team are here to help you make your case a priority.

The challenges of managing life and chronic illness, like HIV, are the focus of our case management department. As patients, you will have a team at your side.

Doctors at ORPE Health care are here for all your care needs, including new symptoms and concerns, chronic conditions and emotional health.

Orpe Health Care

Infectious Disease Care

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If you've been diagnosed with HIV or Hepatitis C, you can live a long and happy life. 

Our infectious disease services will provide you with more than that a treatment plan; we partner with you to ensure all aspects of your life support your health and happiness.

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