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Orpe Human Rights Advocates is a ministry of light shiners, professionals and experts dedicated to:


  • Empowering people in poverty to change their lives from the status of zero or insufficient income to the status of sufficient income.

  • Providing expertise in project and program developments; change management and capacity building to organization partners engaged in programs deemed to relieve lives or underserved communities from anxieties and hardship; including shelters, behavioral health, and health care programs.

  • Influencing change, and defending human dignity.

  • Fulfilling a divine mandate of shining light in the midst of darkness.

As experts in Project and Program Developments, Change Management, and Capacity Building we thrive to accomplish the above-stated mission by engaging our experts to have a focus in the following actions:

  • Designing, promoting, and supporting programs deemed to help lives living in poverty become economically self-sufficient. 

  • Influencing change and helping organizations involved in the defense of the causes of those who cannot assert their own fundamental rights operate their strategies and create sustainable change.

  • Make a change stick by improving all three critical operations areas: process, technology, and organization design.

  • Work collaboratively with our clients. This creates a sense of ownership and involves clients in the process of change.

  • Although we have proven methodologies, our approach is always tailored to best meet our clients’ needs. This customization ensures that we can achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time.

  • We strive of becoming experts on our clients’  issues, or works, which enables them to suggest radical improvements, alternatives, and enhancements.

  • Work quickly to help our clients achieve milestones in few days or months increments. These milestones reinforce buy-in and fund future improvements.

  • Orpe Human Rights Advocates' change management approach is applicable to homeless, low-incomes, veterans within the scope of lifting their economic status from the status of insufficient income to the status of sufficient income. The approach also applies to our clients' organizations.

  • We quickly achieve measurable results by engaging our clients to ensure the sponsorship and success of each change initiative.

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