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Changing Lives from Insufficient Income to Self-Sufficient Income

Promoting behavioral modification programs and preparing low-income families and individuals in dissuading psychological, spiritual, and sociological factors that hold them back from changing life for better

One of the goals associated with Orpe Human Rights Advocates' mission is promoting programs that rehabilitate homeless or low-income families or lives living in poverty change their financial status from zero income, or low- income to the status of self-sufficient income. We engage people living in poverty in the difficult exercises of behavioral modifications. The program consists of dissuading sociological, psychological, and spiritual behaviors that hold them back from making positive decisions susceptible to change lives for better.


This is a team-based planning process established within the scope of OHRA Wraparound Model.  The OHRA Wraparound Model starts with an individualized assessment within the purpose of identifying the sociological, psychological, and spiritual factors that govern the mind of a recipient. The recipient will work with a facilitator who will coordinate the recovery plan and establish a personal plan. The model is intended to provide an individualized and coordinated solution driven with the idea of changing suffering lives from the status of insufficient-income to this of sufficient income. In terms of sociological factors, the program focuses on addressing hindrances related to non-material symbolism, language, and values. In terms of psychological, the program focuses on addressing hindrances associated with interpersonal skill development, emotional intelligence, and communication.  Finally, in terms of spirituality, the program focuses on addressing the universal law that govern the universe in which include the law of the cause and effect or the law of development. These laws are deemed to have the effect of casting out any spiritual hindrance associated with irrational behaviors. Here, the goal is to raise in recipient the level of consciousness and develop a process of automatic drive in a system of concentration, which is the key to changing lives from irrational mindset to rational mindset. Dr. Moises' model also serve in the process of eradicating crimility.

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