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Professional Skills Development

Transforming lives of homeless, low-income families, veterans from Insufficient Income to Self-Sufficiency Income

Transforming lives of homeless, low-income families, individuals, and veterans from insufficient income to self-sufficient income is one of the reasons for the existence of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates (OHRA). We know that professional skills development is one of the pillars that transform an individual from the status of insufficient income to the status of self-sufficient income.  


We, at Orpe Human Rights Advocates, are at hard working in finding relevant therapeutic models that work for the sake of changing the lives of the people facing serious social-economic threats for better.  Our models are based on OHRA Wraparound and focus on the theory of change and strive for eliminating poverty based on the following OHRA wraparound approaches:

  • Self-cognizance

  • Engagement and supports

  • Individualized plan

  • Implementation of the individualized plan

  • Transition

Our Professional skills development programs seek to accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase individuals homeless, low-income families, veterans the ability of self-efficacy

  • Increase functioning across life domains

  • Decrease the risk of homelessness for individuals, families, and veterans

  • Contribution on eliminating the dependency on substance abuse

  • Increase in individuals we serve the ability to become self-sufficient income

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