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We campaign for the most vulnerable.

As Light Shiners in the Midst of Darkness, we work in revealing the Kingdom of Heaven. We are therefore called to build relationships with community and government leaders around the world.  Together, we champion positive change that helps end all forms of human rights abuses. We are called to empower people living in poverty to become economically self-sufficient. We walk with public servants in order to speak into legislation, policies, systems and attitudes that impact global poverty. Through these relationships and influence, we seek justice and renewal in vulnerable communities, so God’s purpose is revealed in each person we serve.

Your Voice Has Impact

Advocacy isn’t limited to those in government, lobbyists, or those with a large platform.  Advocacy is responding to God’s call to care for people who are poor and marginalized by using your influence to speak on their behalf.  There is power in your voice and when you use it to petition those in positions of power, you help shift policy and change public opinions around the importance of addressing poverty globally.  When you advocate for the poor and the marginalized, you’re a catalyst for change.  You can help to start conversations, shine a light on the needs of others, and strengthen the message of hope.


What Can I Do?

Church Partnerships

Combining your church’s heart for the poor and Orpe Human Rights Advocates’s global work, we can connect you to the best opportunity to get involved. Through church partnerships, you can transform impoverished communities and your congregation alike.


No matter your position, you have influence among your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and extended community. One of the biggest ways that you can leverage that influence on behalf of the vulnerable is by sharing stories of impact and connecting others to Food for the Hungry.


Volunteering at FH events and tours all over the United States is an amazing way to advocate for the world’s most vulnerable people. You’ll have the chance to engage people in the message of hope by inviting them to sponsor a child.


Sponsor a Child Today and Join Thousands of Othetrs as an Advocates for the Most Vulnerable


Your gift of sponsorship can change a child’s life forever.

Meet Katumbela

Katumbela is 12,  lives in Malanje, Angola. She is HIV orphan. She would like to go to school, but she could not.


Join Us - Advocating for the Most Vulneraveble

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