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Training Program Effectiveness

Our training expertise enables us evaluate the effectiveness of pre-existing training programs and recommand improvements

Because OHRA is an expert at training design, development, and delivery, we can quickly assess the effectiveness of your training program.  No matter what project phase you are currently in, a fresh set of eyes can ensure that the training program will effectively meet your needs.  During the Training Program Effectiveness assessment, OHRA will evaluate whether:


  • The right people are being trained at the right time

  • The needs of the three types of adult learners are being addressed

  • Training classes are delivered as close to when users need to use the new skills as possible

  • Users are being trained on how to do their job, not just how to navigate computer screens

  • There are comprehensive plans for scheduling users into classes

  • User adoption is measured and plans are adjusted based on training results

Let OHRA tells you the clear story on your training program 

As a result of the Training Program Effectiveness assessment, our clients receive a clear roadmap that indicates:

  • How effectively the training courses provide users with the necessary information to succeed in the new environment

  • How the training design needs to be adjusted to meet overall training objectives

  • What changes can be made to the training delivery plans to best meet your training needs

  • What else can be done to ensure knowledge is effectively transitioned to your organization


For additional information on our Training Program Effectiveness Method, Contact Us.

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