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Training Development

OHRA's Training Doesn't just Rehash a User manual

We create an environment in which people learn how to use new processes and systems to do their jobs.  OHRA creates detailed Participant Guides, Reference Manuals, and Job Aids that include all of the subject matter covered during training. This provides learners with an important reference to use during training and as a valuable post-training resource.

OHRA works collaboratively with clients to develop the right materials

OHRA Experts work with client managers and key resources to identify the critical skills that each person will need to succeed on a daily basis.  We analyze real workday situations and map them into the training modules.  We use these situations to not only build the Participant Guides but also to develop the hands-on exercises that give users opportunities to practice what they have learned.

To develop training materials, OHRA:

  • Works with project and team leaders to understand those overall objectives and desired outcomes for training

  • Works with subject matter experts to understand the key process and technology topics that need to be covered

  • Develops initial drafts of all training materials

  • Reviews materials with subject matter experts and test audiences

  • Finalizes training materials and supporting material 

For additional information on our Training Development Method, Contact Us.

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