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Promoting A Framework of Community Health

Promoting A Framework of Rural Community Health

Orpe Human Rights Advocates promotes a framework of rural communities health programs. The goal is to help organizations interested in developing rural community health succeed in their endeavor. We provide information, resources, and materials they need to develop a community health program in a rural community.

The program contains information that communities can apply to develop a rural health program, regardless of the specific health topic the program addresses. The program is pedagogically organized in six modules:

Module 1: Creating a Program: Where to Begin
Learn the first steps to developing an evidence-based rural community health program.

Module 2: Developing Your Program
Learn how to develop your program based on an evidence-based model.

Module 3: Implementing Your Program
Find useful tips and guidelines for implementing your program.

Module 4: Evaluating Rural Programs
Learn how to assess program effectiveness and build the evidence base for what works in rural communities.

Module 5: Planning for Sustainability
Learn how to plan for the sustainability of your rural community health program.

Module 6: Disseminating Best Practices
Learn how to communicate your program's results to project partners, funders, and the broader rural health community.

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