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Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution

Most important business initiatives require the dedication of a Project Manager to manage timelines, resolve issues, negotiate conflicting priorities, control budgets, communicate progress, and more.  When multiple projects are involved, this holds true for an entire program.  It’s one of the most critical roles in organization or business success.

However, important projects fail at an astonishing rate - even under the close watch of skilled and persistent project managers.  Results from recent studies conducted by IBM Global Services, the Project Management Institute, and the Standish Group report that only 39% to 56% of projects are considered successful in meeting their time, budget, and quality goals.  Why are these odds not much better than chance?

Projects and programs involve people attempting to achieve something new on a fixed timeline with limited resources. Under these circumstances, success lies beyond the control of even perfect plans. Consistently executing strategic objectives requires the right balance between project management rigor and the ability to effectively and collaboratively deal with change.  As the studies show, organizations that achieve high success rates from their project and program portfolios are typically the ones that have increased their use of standardized project practices and adopted change management processes that increase their adaptiveness to change.

At OHRA, we incorporate Change Management principles and best practices into everything we do because it produces better results.  When it comes to Project Management, that means going beyond cost, time, and quality goals to ensuring that the desired business outcomes are achieved.

How We Can Help

Since every initiative requires a uniquely tailored approach, we collaborate with our clients to deliver solutions that yield success in the following areas:

  • Project & Program Leadership and Management

Like most firms, our experienced consultants are PMP-Certified Project Managers with the right blend of practical knowledge, experience, and people skills to lead initiatives to success.  However, they have also experienced change leaders who know that finishing projects on time and on budget is only half the job.  On every assignment, they utilize their full range of expertise to ensure that objectives are accomplished in ways that maximize business value. Whether that means assisting in project planning, helping to recover failing projects or leading initiatives from start to finish, we focus the expert knowledge of your team on what they do best while leading each project to success.


  • Project & Program Management Office

Consistent and effective project management practices are more than a success factor in the completion of projects.  They affect the overall health of the project portfolio and the success of the organization.  However, developing and implementing PMO structures and functions is easier said than done.  It requires new roles, responsibilities, processes, technologies, and the customization of best practices to complement the organization’s objectives. OHRA’s approach effectively aligns strategy and execution in the design and implementation of solutions that meet each client’s specific needs and goals.

  • Project Oversight, Governance, and Portfolio Management

Effective Project Oversight and Governance are needed to maintain the alignment of project objectives with an organization’s goals.  They ensure that major stakeholders are provided with the reliable, relevant, and timely information needed to make critical decisions.  When combined with effective Portfolio Management, our clients are able to minimize risk and standardize the efficient delivery of projects that meet business needs.  OHRA’s approach to Project Oversight, Governance, and Portfolio Management will establish and improve your project portfolio management tools and processes so that you can accurately evaluate, prioritize, and execute projects that support your organization’s strategy and yield the highest ROI.

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