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Veterans Domiciliarity

We plan to implement a project of domiciliary of a stable living environment with medical care and case management specifically created to help veterans. 


We offer a helping hand, not a handout, to those in need. Veteran Domiciles programs provide vital support services throughout our communities to help individuals and families get back on their feet. Our targeted veteran’s programs include clinical treatment, peer support, and intensive case management. They help individuals who are already homeless and to prevent others from living on the streets.


Veteran Housing 

We provide stable, transitional accommodations and residential programs to help struggling veterans gain employment and move into independent housing. From Vietnam-era veterans to those who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, our program goals include ending homelessness and helping veterans re-enter their communities.


Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

Our program helps families by supporting low-income veterans at risk of being homeless and those who need help transitioning into permanent housing. In addition to offering temporary financial assistance, we also provide ongoing family support in a wide range of areas.

  • Daily living needs


  • Childcare assistance


  • Healthcare referrals


  • Housing counseling


  • Legal aid


  • Personal financial planning


  • Transportation


Employment Services

Many veterans become homeless due to the lack of skills needed for non-military jobs. Our year-long program, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities provides training for skill development and job-readiness services.

  • Resume writing


  • Job searching


  • Coaching and placement


  • Career clothing


  • Referrals to community resources


  • Transportation


Case managers help participants overcome employment barriers and work toward securing stable jobs, permanent housing, and regain independence.


Treatment Programs

Veteran domiciles offer treatment programs to help veterans and their families cope with the results of traumatic events and pain, which often lead to addiction and mental illness. Our six-month drug and alcohol treatment program provide support through all three recovery phases to conquer addiction. Mental illness affects many veterans. Participants in our program receive individual or group therapy and ongoing support to help them overcome obstacles and regain the ability to live independently.



We understand that everyone prefers to give in their own way. Veteran domiciles accept a variety of contributions, allowing individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved in the way that works best for them.

Donations - Your financial contribution helps build a better future for individuals, families and children in your community.

Thrift Store - Our life-changing programs benefit when you make purchases at our non-profit thrift stores. If you have clothes your children have outgrown, home goods or pots and pans, you don’t use or any unwanted items, donate them. Someone wants to buy them, and the proceeds go to someone in need.

Auto Donation - Do you have a vehicle of any kind that’s just been sitting around? Don’t have it hauled to the junkyard, donate it to us. We auction it off, and the proceeds benefit families in our programs, whether they are going through a treatment program, need interview-appropriate clothing or are fighting to keep their family together.

Our veterans support services are developed to help rebuild lives. We help individuals and families regain self-sufficiency to create thriving, vibrant communities. Donate today here and to donate by phone, please call us at (614) 253-6100 [< Link to Phone Number].

A state of the art residential care facility, the Veterans Domiciliary, located on the Wade Park Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus in Cleveland, combines rehabilitative clinical services with supportive case management services for homeless veterans. Based on the therapeutic community model, and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), we provide a range of rehabilitative care and support to foster veterans' functional independence and develop a mutual support network with fellow veterans. 

Designed as a safe, secure and unique residence for veterans, the Wade Park Domiciliary provides care to eligible male and female veterans who have a range of psychiatric, vocational, educational and social care needs. We offer 122 beds, with 14 beds set aside specifically for female veterans, and eligible veterans can receive services up to six months. Services provided include case management, vocational assessments and services, mental health assessments and services, substance abuse assessments and services, employment services, legal services, and recreational assessments and therapy.

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