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What Had Happened to this Family May also Happened to You!

  • ​​The idea of Orpe Human Rights Advocates was started by a homeless family. This family had been in the street for more than three years. The family had lost everything hey had before because of the sickness that had forced them to become out of the margin of the society. They stayed in the shelter at Grassroot (Howard County) for six months.  Evicted three times. They were sleeping in the car in the parking lots. God sent an angel who guided them to a Faith-based ministry known under the name of Summit Ministry Center. This center is located  at Ellicott City.  Pastors Bob and Suzy Fletcher showed care of this family. They took care of this family. The head of the household is a graduate from Beasley School of Law at Temple University. He had the extensive legal experience. He became powerless because of disability. God allowed this family to stay in a state of homelessness for more than three years. From their homelessness experience, the family has learned the nature of emotional distress hiding inside of an individual, family, and veteran who is in the state of homelessness. They' had also been able to understand that the concept of "loving the poor" doesn't always reflect the nature of our hearts and souls, knowing that the seat of "True Love" resides in our "Souls." 

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