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Orpe Human Rights Advocates' Change Management Principles

Orpe Human Rights Advocates' change management approach is based on driving desired results and lasting change by actively engaging people within an organization.  We believe that change is best supported by the following principles:

1. Responsibility and a clear vision enable change

Orpe Human Rights Advocates believes that change is easier when people have a clear vision of the goal, what success will look like, and why the change is important.


To drive transformational changes, people also have to believe that it is not just the "initiative of the month". Involving the right leaders and providing the correct visibility mitigates the risk.

2. Motives for change must be fact-based and clear

Orpe Human Rights Advocates helps organizations articulate their strategy in a way that resonates with their organization. This includes collecting additional information to better support the reasons for change and designing the best future state.

We work with clients to identify where there are gaps between the current and desired states. We also identify where there are success stories that need to be replicated across the organization.

3. People support what they create

While Orpe Human Rights Advocates are change experts, the organizations we help are the experts in their own industries, organizations, and processes. We use the facts collected to help guide the discussions, but believe that a client's resources must be engaged in the future design for it to be adopted.

4. People need to see themselves in the change

Orpe Human Rights Advocates experts are skilled at taking even the most complex change efforts and breaking them down into a way that makes it easy for people to understand.

We understand that change begins first with the individual and moves to the organization. People need to see how their job will be impacted by the change, including being given permission to stop certain activities.

5. The importance of two-way communication 

Communication throughout the change effort needs to be two-way, with the messaging modified to address all of the different change motivators.

Orpe human Rights Advocates works with its organization clients to help craft a communication strategy that is meaningful to the organization and helps support the necessary changes.  We ensure that there are opportunities for two-way communication, as well as

Ohra Change Management Principles

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