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Advocating for Positive Change! Helping End All Forms of Human Rights Abuses

Advocacy helps to transform policies and services that affect underprivileged and distressed people on a local, national, regional, and global level. It is a vital part of our work at Orpe Human Rights Advocates.

Our advocacy mission consists of working with local government, national political, economic, and social structures to bring policies, practices, and laws into compliance with international standards or in accordance with the Rule According to a Higher Law.

In times of human rights abuses, we use advocacy to influence governments, non-governmental partners, and the public at large to adopt practices that ensure the protection of those in need. 

It is our belief that as light shiners in the midst of darkness, we are called to build relationships with community and government leaders around the world.  Together, we champion positive change that helps end all forms of human poverty. We walk with public servants in order to speak into legislation, policies, systems, and attitudes that impact global poverty. Through these relationships and influence, we seek justice and renewal in vulnerable communities, so God’s purpose is revealed in each person we serve.

Advocacy isn’t limited to those in government, lobbyists, or those with a large platform.  Advocacy is responding to God’s call to care for people who are poor and marginalized by using your influence to speak on their behalf.  There is power in your voice and when you use it to petition those in positions of power, you help shift policy and change public opinions around the importance of addressing poverty globally.  When you advocate for the poor and the marginalized, you’re a catalyst for change.  You can help to start conversations, shine a light on the needs of others, and strengthen the message of hope.

It is well established that one of the root causes of poverty is related to the lack of knowledge about what they really value (self-efficacy),  lack of knowledge, and lack of expertise that bar them from becoming competitive.  At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we work on designing programs that influence change in behaviors of lives living poverty and designing personal strategic and developmental plans that drive one to become self-efficacy. We also empower people living in poverty through a series of programs like entrepreneurship, social enterprises, professional skills-building, interpersonal skills, executive, and leadership development programs.

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