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Advantage of OHRA


Why Orpe Human Rights Advocates

We have a dedicated Change Management focus

Why do Orpe Human Rights Advocates client initiatives succeed while others stagnate? Because successful change requires an experienced guide and a hands-on approach.  Managing change across an organization should never be just an afterthought.

At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we are first a nonprofit organization designated to help good-faith nonprofits succeed in their missions.  And we know better than to just deliver a well-articulated report filled with suggestions. We are dedicated 100% to the work of Change Management.

 Our mission-critical work of Change Management requires the undivided attention of experts and a solution engineered to make change stick by aligning the processes with the technology and the people who will use it.

Our methods can be applied in any industry

That's because all companies use processes, technology, and organization structure to get work done. Our method interdisciplinary expertise make it easy to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of a any organization client. As a matter of fact, our clients benefit regularly from our experiences outside their industries, often finding completely new ways to conduct business better and faster.

Clerestory has had extraordinary success in managing change initiatives

We can have a huge impact on planning initiatives from day one.  We also have invaluable expertise in getting derailed projects back on track. Give your change initiative the advantage it deserves.

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