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Programs Strategic Plan

Orpe Human Rights Advocates' mission is associated with the IRS Activity Code P20. This activity code defines the scope of the activities our organization is authorized to provide. In accordance with Activity Code 20, our mission goes wherever human dignity is compromised; wherever fundamental rights are impaired, and we take action in whatever comes to hand. These words define the DNA of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates. Here, where we can find the essence of our legacy of responding to the needs of homeless men and families, veterans, men returning from prison, people with disabilities, elderly, those searching for affordable housing, and lifting individuals, and families from zero or low-income to self-sufficient income.


Our organization is expected to be strengthened by the commitment of worldwide working teams, volunteers, and partners working toward real change.


At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we are committed to caring for people of all backgrounds who need a hand up to get on their feet. We do so through programs that lifting people from no or low-income to self-sufficient income, and programs that provide housing and assistance to veterans, mothers struggling with addiction, individuals returning from prison, and families in need. We are more than a nonprofit. We are a ministry of service dedicated to helping those in need reach their full potential. 

Are you looking for a way to support the services we provide? Make a donation or volunteer to support the mission of Orpe Human Rights Advocates.

Service availability is subject to the availability of the funds associated with the service. Our ability to provide service is conditioned by our ability to raise funds and in connection to each activity we provide.

Intervening Wherever Human Dignity is Compromised! Wherever Fundamental Rights are Impaired! And Taking Action in Whatever comes to Hand

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