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Performance Management

Performance Management is making sure the employee and the organization are focused on the same priorities. It touches on the organization itself by improving production and reducing waste. It helps the employee or individual set and meet their goals and improves the employee manager relationship. This is key in keeping an organization and employee aligned, which improves performance and productivity, is Performance Management.

When changes occur Performance Management helps the transition to be smoother and less hectic. It helps the organization and employee have a stream-lined relationship which improves communication and interactions between the two groups. It will help close any gaps that exist in an employee"s skill-set and make them a more valuable employee through feedback and coaching.

Workshop Outline

Module One: Getting Started

  • Workshop Objectives


Module Two: The Basics (I)

  • What is Performance Management?

  • How Does Performance Management Work?

  • Tools

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Three: The Basics (II)

  • Three Phase Process

  • Assessments

  • Performance Reviews

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Four: Goal Setting

  • SMART Goal Setting

  • Specific Goals

  • Measurable Goals

  • Attainable Goals

  • Realistic Goals

  • Timely Goals

  • Monitoring Results

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Five: Establishing Performance Goals

  • Strategic Planning

  • Job Analysis

  • Setting Goals

  • Motivation

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Six: 360 Degree Feedback

  • What is 360 degree Feedback?

  • Versus Traditional Performance Review

  • The Components

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions

Module Seven: Competency Assessments

  • Competency Assessment Defined

  • Implementation

  • Final Destination

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Eight: Kolb"s Learning Cycle

  • Experience

  • Observation

  • Conceptualization

  • Experimentation

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Nine: Motivation

  • Key Factors

  • The Motivated Organization

  • Identifying Personal Motivators

  • Evaluating and Adapting

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Ten: The Performance Journal

  • Record Goals and Accomplishments

  • Linking with Your Employees or Managers

  • Implementing a Performance Coach

  • Keeping Track

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Eleven: Creating a Performance Plan

  • Goals

  • Desired Results

  • Prioritization

  • Measure

  • Evaluation

  • Case Study

  • Review Questions


Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

  • Words from the Wise

  • Review of Parking Lot

  • Lessons Learned

  • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

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