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Housing Access Programs

Support Our Mission

Orpe Charity Housing and Family Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Your support is essential to provide our community’s working-class families with a fresh start toward stable housing. Through the generosity of individuals and organizations, OCHF is able to ensure that local families in need receive the tools to create their own success and stable futures.

Your generous donation will help fund the core elements of our programming; client services, housing location, placement, financial counseling, and family support services, and more. Our services target the local area here in Maryland so you can take pride in knowing your gift is an investment in our local communities.


  • Your gift would help OCHF fund 4 unit turnovers and rehabs. By doing so, you will make affordable, safe, high-quality and suitable housing for 4 households who are without stable housing.

  • Your gift would help OCHF provide a one-time financial grant to over 28 households in crisis that are facing eviction, and preventing them from becoming homeless.

  • Your gift would help OCHF ensure that 20 children in our housing programs do not miss out on critical after-school and extracurricular enrichment activities like summer camp, music lessons and STEM programs.

  • Your gift would help OCHF prepare over 40 backpacks full of school supplies for children to ensure that they are prepared with all of the materials for a bright new school year.

  • Your gift would help OCHF provide a security deposit or first month’s rent to a homeless or at-risk household facing housing barriers, and therefore helping them to cross the bridge to affordable housing.

  • Your gift would help OCHF provide 12 households moving into our housing program with necessities like linens, dishes and towels, thereby allowing them to focus on more important regularly budgeted expenses like healthcare and transportation.

  • Your gift would help OCHF provide 25 households moving into our housing programs with welcome baskets filled with cleaning supplies, grocery cards, or hygiene products, enabling them to stick to their budget immediately after being housed.

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