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Non-government Organizations

Orpe Human Rights Advocates maintains strategic partnerships with an array of partners including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governmental institutions, Businesses, and religious organizations. We entrust about 40 per cent of our annual expenditure to partners for undertaking programs or projects to provide protection and solutions to people in distress,  people forced to escape dangers from their countries of origin, and people living in poverty. 

We place great importance on continuously improving collaborations with partners, particularly promoting national partners as first responders in emergency operations.

Orpe Human Rights Advocates has been working with individuals like you, NGOs, business entities, and religious organizations since we been in programs that help refugees, distressed families, children, and individuals. As our work and size grew to cope with emerging crises, especially in Africa, Asia and Central America, so did our ties with a wide range of newly formed humanitarian and refugee-related NGOs.

The Orpe Human Rights Advocates has adopted the Global Humanitarian Platform’s Principles of Partnership that set out common standards of equality, transparency, complementarity and a results-oriented approach among all humanitarian groups. We integrated the Principles of Partnership in to our ‘Framework for Implementing with Partners’ as an institutional approach to collaborative partnerships.

The Annual Consultation with NGOs includes a range of national and international NGOs from around the world. It provides an important forum for NGOs and states to network, dialogue and exchange views with OHRA as equal partners – an approach that NGOs welcome.

“The OHRA has had the most excellent relations with the voluntary agencies. Their work is in a true sense of the term indispensable and invaluable for distressed families, children, refugees, and homeless"

Today, we rely heavily on partnership with private and public entities, NGOs; and individuals like you to implement a wide range of projects, including aid distribution, protection, logistics, shelter, health, water, sanitation, nutrition and education projects.

Partners interested to collaborate with OHRA are invited to register in the Partner Portal, an interactive tool established for enhanced communication between OHRA and our partners.

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