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Management and Administration of ORPE_Health Care System

Orpe Human Rights Advocates has a Board of Directors who formulate policy guidelines for efficient management of the organization. There is a Management team which the Executive Director heads. The Executive Director, the Coordinator, Accountant and the Administrative Secretary, management office. The Executive Director sits on the Board. Programs and activities are implemented by our community health workers, peer counselors and volunteers and monitored by the community Health workers, volunteers, Local leaders, the management team, the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. First Aiders to manage Emergencies.

The Board of Directors is charged with the duty of fundraising, preparing meetings, monitoring, and supervision of activities in the project area, together with ensuring proper and up-to-date record keeping, both for accounts and data bank. The board also is responsible for formulating policies and overall priorities.

The management team has the responsibility of formulating and evaluating specific project programs according to the laid down policies and priorities. The office and clinic staff takes charge of the day-to day running of activities, diagnosis of clients, description and administration of treatment drawing and implementing monthly programmes for the project together with volunteers.

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