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Organization Background

Since 1986 when the intervention programmes against HIV transmission were started in Uganda. Focus was mainly on creating awareness, treating opportunistic infections. Counseling and HIV testing Research indicated that maternal mortality rate was at 600 out of 100,000 live births. These rates at the national level posed a very serious health problem especially in the central district of Mukono, Buikwe and Kamuli District.

In view of this problem, a group of community people under the guidance of medical personnel one Mr. Julius Paul Muzaale, in union with local authorities of Nyenga Sub county of Buikwe District (before separated from Mukono) formed themselves into an organized force to fight the challenge. This need resulted into the formation of Christ the King Medical unit and Maternity Home Care and of recent changed the name to CTKHSCCN. It was primarily to address community health needs through Education Programmes. Community mobilization and sensitizations (NGO) Act of Uganda. This was again for the purpose of improving the quality of life of the rural communities and involving the youth in the fight against HIV infection and reducing maternal and infant mortality rates and morbidity.

It is against this preliminary study that Christ the King Health Support Care Centre for the Needy started a project to improve on the quality of life of the rural Ugandans, present further spread of HIV in the rural communities, treat opportunistic infections to those living with HIV and mitigate the impact the epidemic leaves with the orphans widows and widower, elders and disabled.

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