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Orpe Human Rights Advocates' Innovation Service is committed to creating an enabling environment for innovation to flourish in OHRA by equipping staff with the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to ensure that they can increasingly draw on structured innovation to solve the most pressing challenges.

We project creating safe spaces for experimentation to take place in field operations, as well as at Headquarters, whilst instilling a future-oriented approach into how we solve problems.


At OHRA, communication is a critical tool for making innovation accessible, shining a light on bright spots and promising practices, and creating new paths for organizational and systems change. More importantly, communication and conversations about innovation can help people generate a common understanding of what innovation is and who gets to be an innovator. This space brings you an honest look at what humanitarian innovation looks like in practice at OHRA.


OHRA is projecting a satellite teleport system as a mean of connecting field staff around the world and as means of making collaborative informal decisions and solutions delivery.

Innovation Service

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