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Civil  Matters



Bankruptcy/Debtor Relief

  • Obtained federal bankruptcy protection

  • Obtained referral for bankruptcy

  • Obtained recovery on judgment

  • Workout of consumer debt

Collection, including Repossession/Deficiency/Garnishment

  • Stopped or reduced (inappropriate) debt collection activity/harassment

  • Averted repossession

  • Avoided or reduced deficiency judgments

  • Avoided, ended, or reduced garnishment or levy

  • Ceased collection action by collection agency

  • Obtained compensation or other relief for predatory or illegal loan practices/servicing


  • Enforced sales contract and/or warranties on behalf of consumer

  • Obtained protection against illegal contract/warranty

  • Overcame illegal sales contracts and/or warranties

Collection Practices/Creditor Harassment

  • Resolved credit reporting errors

  • Obtained favorable result in debt collection litigation

Predatory Lending Practices (Not Mortgages)

  • Overcame predatory lending practices

Loans/Installment Purchases

  • Obtained or preserved credit

  • Overcame illegal loan/installment purchase agreement

Public Utilities

  • Avoided or delayed utility termination

  • Secured utility services

  • Estimated annual electric assistance for family

  • Obtained waiver or reduction of utility arrearage (including telephone)

Unfair and Deceptive Sales and Practices (Not Real Property)

  • Overcame fraudulent or unfair sales practice

Other Consumer/Finance

  • Obtained insurance benefits (other than health or disability)

  • Obtained representation on a consumer matter—no other outcome

  • Obtained advice and counsel on a consumer matter

  • Obtained non-litigation advocacy services on a consumer matter

  • Obtained other benefit on a consumer matter

  • Obtained negotiated settlement agreement

  • Obtained assistance pursuing small claims action

  • Secured homeowners insurance benefits

  • Obtained protection from financial abuse (by non-family member)

  • Submitted complaint to regulatory agency




  • Obtained adoption for dependent child

  • Obtained care of child guardian/adoptive


  • Obtained or maintained custody of children

  • Obtained or preserved right to visitation

  • Prepared agreement for temporary change in custody

  • Obtained guardianship or conservatorship

  • Prevented guardianship or conservatorship

  • Avoided termination of parental rights

  • Avoided protective order/removal of children


  • Established paternity for child

Domestic Abuse

  • Obtain protection from domestic violence

  • Obtain protection from domestic violence for a client aged 60 or over

  • Obtain extended civil restraining order

  • Receive improved safety option-law enforcement

  • Receive improved safety option-civil remedy

  • Received information on enhanced safety plan

  • Receive assistance responding to sexual violence

  • Decide not to pursue civil legal remedy

  • Obtain custody/visitation order-enhance safety

  • Receive improved safety option-DV shelter

  • Obtain housing outcome-safety plan

  • Obtain/preserve government benefits in safety plan

  • Obtained legal remedy-sexual violence

  • Work with client to enhance safety plan

  • Develop  response to sexual violence

  • Intervention—child in parental safety plan

  • Extensive collaboration with shelter advocate

  • Obtain employment outcome in safety plan

  • Obtain protection from adult abuse or neglect

  • Obtain protection from adult financial exploitation

  • Receive legal intervention/advocacy for children

  • Modify visitation order for protection of child

  • Obtain child protective order

  • Obtain protection for children relocation

  • Obtain assistance with safety planning

  • Obtained foster care services

  • Improved terms of foster care plan

  • Obtained name change

  • Obtained family reunificationHealth


  • Medicaid

  • Obtained assistance with Medicaid planning

  • Medicare

  • Obtained/protected access to Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy

  • Other Health

  • Obtained, preserved, or increased individual access to health care

  • Obtained/protected Medicare/Medicaid provider

  • Obtained/protected Medicare/Medicaid benefits

  • Prevented abuse or premature discharge, or assured quality care, in nursing home, assisted living facility, or mental treatment facility

  • Obtained discharge from nursing home, assisted living facility or mental treatment facility

  • Obtained admission to nursing home/assisted living

  • Protected from premature/inappropriate discharge

  • Obtained investigation of abuse and neglect in institutional setting

  • Protected from abuse—institution/provider

  • Protected from inappropriate institutionalization

  • Stopped, or obtained redress for, harmful medical treatment

  • Protected from inappropriate medical treatment

  • Obtained other financial assistance on a medical bill

  • Obtained, preserved or increased assistive technology devices/services

  • Obtained—or enforced terms of—health, long-term care, or disability insurance

  • Gained/protected access to medical savings programs

  • Obtained/preserved benefit—money follows person

  • Obtained long-term care planning

  • Obtained/preserved home care benefits

  • Comprehensive planning advice—health care

  • Obtained referral on a health matter

  • Obtained advice and counsel on a health matter

  • Obtained non-litigation advocacy services on a health matter

  • Obtained other benefit on a health matter

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