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Campaigm on HIV/AIDS

The Campaign on HIV/AIDS, brings together the expertise and resources of co-sponsor organizations, to help the world prevent new HIV infections, care for those living with HIV and mitigate the impact of the AIDS epidemic. Orpe Human Rights Advocates draws strengths from the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS and develop collaborative programs deemed to foster awareness and concrete actions deemed to limit the expansion of the AIDS epidemic, and care for those living with HIV.

Orpe Human Rights Advocates has five key focus areas aimed at shrinking the negative impact of HIV:

  1. Raising funds, training human capital and providing technical resources to support an effective response.

  2. Mobilizing leadership and advocacy for effective action on the epidemic.

  3. Providing strategic information and policies to guide efforts in the AIDS response worldwide.

  4. Tracking, monitoring and evaluating the epidemic.

  5. Engaging civil society and developing partnerships.


OHRA foster collaborative partnership with UNAIDS and UNHCR. Both UNIADS and UNHCR are voted and committed to greater collaboration, building on a relationship of mutual support, exchange of ideas, sharing of expertise and furthering of a fruitful partnership. They have been collaborating with institutions like OHRA on scaling up HIV prevention, treatment, care and support interventions for distressed people and forcibly displaced people. They are also working together, along with other partners, on developing guidance and tools for addressing HIV in humanitarian crises.

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